LinkedIn MasterPlan

41 Lessons from Andrew McCauley - Founder, The Social Media Bloke

Learn How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business



About Instructor

Andrew McCauley, Founder, The Social Media Bloke

I began my career as a pub/hotel operator for 17 years where I learnt a lot about business principles and attracting traffic to a business. I used this knowledge to transpose these ideas and principles into business on the web. Social media came naturally to me and I adapted to it very quickly. Now I love the ability to be able to teach it to people around the world. I was involved with large events, travelling the world and teaching this stuff to people from all over the globe. In conjunction with running Autopilot Your Business, I also run a very successful coaching program where I am responsible for 20 coaches and over 500 clients…all being coached on internet marketing and running a web based business. In between these gigs, I am also one of the trainers for the Ultimate Internet Bootcamp which is being run 7- 10 time a year around the world. Educating people is fun for me. 

Little Known Fact: I held the Australian record (unofficially) for stacking coins on my elbow and then catching them in my hand… Uh huh!

What You Will Learn

  • By the end of the Course, you will have been able to set up a profile that will rank you on the first page fo the LinkedIn search resuts
  • You will have learnt the power of groups and how to become the Authority in your Industry , ensuring people will track you down for your knowledge
  • You will learn special Networking Strategies that will enable you to connect to just about anybody on LinkedIn
  • How to create a Search Engine Ready Company Page and utilise that for growing your business
  • You will learn how to create a group and also grow your list of potential customers with one simple trick

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