From Invisible to Invincible - Career Advancement Success

13 Lessons from Dianne Shaddock - HR, Leadership and Career Advancement Expert

Learn proven, actionable career advancement strategies and get the opportunities that you deserve.



About Instructor

Dianne Shaddock, HR, Leadership and Career Advancement Expert

I'm a human resources professional who loves to share my knowledge with anyone interested in learning more about employment best practices;  regardless of whether you are a manager or an employee.  

I have extensive knowledge in:

  • Career Advancement
  • Hiring
  • Employee Management and Leadership
  • Dealing with Difficult Employee and Workplace Issues
  • Workplace Policies and Procedures
  • Performance Reviews
  • Training
  • Diversity and Inclusion

I'm the President and Founder of Easy Small Business HR, an online resource on employee hiring and managing tips for supervisors, or those new to HR or management. We also offer advice for employees.

I produce a podcast called Employee Hiring and Managing Tips on iTunes and I have an employee management video channel on YouTube .

I'm also an author and I've published two employment guides available on Amazon:

How To Supervise: What Your Boss Never Told You Before You Took The Job 

How To Find and Hire The Best Employees

I have extensive experience in social media for business and recruitment and have several blogs that I manage based on my specialized interests:

Tools For Social 
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What You Will Learn

  • Understand how to take a more strategic and thoughtful approach towards your career development and advancement.
  • Obtain a solid knowledgebase about what career advancement really means and clear steps on how you can apply this knowledge to your work environment.
  • Learn to identify and avoid common mistakes and missteps that will derail your career advancement
  • You will understand the importance of taking charge of your career instead of taking the more common passive approach that most people take.
  • Get real life, proven tips and strategies that will catapult you from 'invisible' to 'invincible' . Become a career advancement superstar!

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