Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality business education & training that's affordable and accessible to anyone in the world.

The World is Changing Quicker Than Ever

In the midst of the globalization and technological revolution, there is a growing need for business professionals to expand their knowledge, skills and expertise to remain relevant and get ahead.  The options for these business professionals are either formal education like advanced degrees, certifications, seminars, and corporate training. Or to self-direct their learning by reading business books and/or wading through the vast amounts of knowledge and information available online.

But the Problem Is

The problem is that formal education is tedious, time consuming and expensive. And going online to find quality, relevant instruction takes a lot of time and is like searching for a needle of good information in a haystack of mostly filler content. There is an unmet need in the marketplace for something in between. Convenient, cost effective option that’s more structured than search, blogs and books, but not as tedious, time consuming and expensive as traditional business education and training. Bizsnack Provides a Solution.

Bizsnack's Unique Solution

Bizsnack is an online education platform offering business courses on-demand for individuals seeking to acquire skills inorder to perform better in their jobs, advance their careers, or grow their businesses.

All courses are streamed in hi-def video, through the company’s Social Learning Platform which enables users to learn at their own pace all the while still learning socially with others. The platform’s technology features enable users to take and share notes, ask and answer questions, earn skill badges and acheive rankings in subjects.

Each couse is taught by well-known, A-level instructors (authors, professors, industry experts) from top universities and Forutne 500 companies. Bizsnack courses will range in cost between $49 - $149 depending on course content, length and instructor.

Matthew Minkin
Founder & CEO

Bizsnack addresses the growing need, in the U.S. and the rest of the world, for adult continuing education that is affordable and convenient and offers a practical way for working professionals to keep up with the shifting demands of today’s workplace and rapidly-changing info-tech economy.